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The Good Relatively low price; good feature set; very useful ReVu technology; good battery life; good sound quality with the spoken word; line-in socket for connecting to an MP3 player.

The Bad Average sound quality when playing music.

The Bottom Line The PURE Digital One Elite is an affordable stereo DAB radio with a heap of useful features, including live-radio pausing and rewinding. At this price we can't help but think it's just lovely

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7.5 Overall

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As long as there's Chris Moyles, there will always be a BBC Radio 1, and, for that reason, there will always be a PURE Digital radio. A recent offering from the British manufacturer's production line is the One Elite -- the 'radio for everyone'.

This DAB radio, available for around £70, is by no means going to rip out your wallet and beat it to a bloody pulp, but it seems to offer a solid feature set. Has it a place in your kitchen? Let's break it down.

Unlike the majority of PURE's radios, the One Elite -- available in black, white or cream -- has a soft, rubbery finish that surrounds the entire enclosure. An array of silver buttons provides a pleasant contrast, and all sit between the two stereo speakers on the front.

Above them is a three-line LCD display, backlit with a gentle blue. We're not as fond of this screen as we are of the terrific LCD on PURE's gorgeous Tempus-1S, but it does its job well enough.

The radio's got a solid build, and feels more rugged than we'd expect a household set-up to feel. Unlike other PURE models, it seems more suited to conservatories, kitchens and even the garden than the bedroom -- but that's just our opinion, of course.

The One Elite features PURE's ReVu technology -- a one-touch button lets you pause, rewind and fast-forward live radio. It's ideal if you're enjoying a broadcast, but need a bathroom break. Hit ReVu, visit the john, come back, hit ReVu again, and the broadcast continues where it left off. Smashing.

The One Elite also comes in cream and white versions

If you'd rather take the radio into the bathroom with you, you can power it with six size-C batteries or a PURE ChargePAK. Six C batteries will give you about 70 hours of portable radio time.

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