PURE Digital Evoke-1XT Marshall Edition review: PURE Digital Evoke-1XT Marshall Edition

The Good Styling; sound quality; ease of use; portability; display.

The Bad Lack of bass and treble controls.

The Bottom Line A brilliantly designed digital radio that will suit anyone who wants a bit of rock 'n' roll in their kitchen, study or bedroom

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8.3 Overall

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You've got to hand it to PURE Digital, the Evoke-1XT Marshall Edition is one rock 'n' roll radio. It's the perfect combination of a PURE Digital radio with Marshall amp styling.

The Marshall Edition is essentially the same as PURE Digital's Evoke-1XT, which means it's small, light, easy to use and perfect for moving around the house.

The most important feature of this radio is that the volume knob goes up to 11 -- it may not actually make the volume any more ear-piercing, but at least you can boast that it goes 'one louder' than the competition.

At the back of the radio there's a connector for an optional extra speaker to give you stereo sound. There's also a jack to connect the radio to an external amplifier, which could come in handy if you don't have a DAB separates system and want to hear the extra radio stations through larger speakers. There is also a headphone socket and a USB connection, which can be used to update the radio's firmware.

Line out, headphone, USB and a port for a second speaker are at the rear

On the front of the radio there are the usual controls for volume and station presets. Tuning in the radio is delightfully simple -- you just twist the 'tuning' control and the station names will scroll past. When you find the one you want you just press the tuning button and the radio will tune the station in automatically. There are six programmable buttons that allow you to store your favourite stations and recall them at the touch of a button.

We really liked the way the Marshall Edition sounded. It did a great job with DAB, despite the very high levels of compression present on most radio stations. It only has one speaker, so sound is mono, but that's not a problem for this radio as it's intended for small rooms, such as kitchens and bedrooms.

We were disappointed by the lack of treble and bass controls on the Marshall Edition. This wouldn't make much difference to the built-in speaker, naturally, but it would be welcome for headphones.

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