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The Good PumpOne's PumpedForLife iPod workout software provides plenty of variety for a four-week course, and Level 1 isn't too difficult for beginners; exercises are clearly illustrated; includes moves for cardio, weight training, and yoga; offers two different workouts suited for men or women.

The Bad Several of the exercises in PumpedForLife require gym equipment; you must use a heart-rate monitor for cardio sets for best results; a $59 price tag seems a bit steep for a bunch of pictures.

The Bottom Line iPod owners with a gym membership and a hankering to get in shape will be well served by PumpOne's PumpedForLife fitness software.

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7.0 Overall

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PumpOne's PumpedForLife fitness software isn't the first iPod-ready workout program we've come across, but it's certainly the better of the two. Some may balk at the $59 price tag--and I don't blame you--but for fitness-minded iPod users looking for easy-to-follow routines, this software hits the mark. In fact, Treo users can get on board, too: this software is compatible with any devices that display JPEG photos. Just be careful not to get tangled up in your headphone cord while you get pumped up.

PumpedForLife includes a four-week workout schedule.

PumpedForLife is really just a series of pictures separated into various routine folders--Level 1 (weekly and daily schedule), Cardio Intervals, Cross Training, Hatha Yoga, Strength Day 1, Strength Day 2, and Strength Day 3--so the installer merely copies these over to your My Pictures folder (on a Windows machine; it's also Mac-compatible). The images take up about 19MB of space and need to be transferred to the iPod via iTunes, as with other photos.

Each week is slightly different. Workouts are scheduled for Monday through Saturday, but you can vary them as you see fit.