Project Nursery Video Baby Monitor System review: Wear this baby-size video monitor like a watch

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The Good Nursery Project's Video Baby Monitor System has reliable connection, crisp two-way audio and a creative design. Plus, it has a lot of extra features.

The Bad For the high price, the resolution feels a little low, the camera's pan/tilt responsiveness is inconsistent, and the wrist monitor is a bit bulky.

The Bottom Line While the price might be too high for some customers, Nursery Project's Monitor System is a solid product with a creative and unique design.

8.0 Overall
  • Features 8
  • Usability 9
  • Design 7
  • Performance 8

One of the perks of having an app-connected video baby monitor is that you don't need to carry the base station screen around the house with you. Instead, you just pull up the app on your phone and get an instant update on your napping kiddo.

Project Nursery wants to bring together the best of both worlds -- a secure, non-app-connected camera with a base station monitor that isn't a hassle to carry around. Its solution: a 1.5-inch monitor that straps to your wrist like a smart watch. This mini monitor is included with the typical camera, a 5-inch base station viewing screen and a slew of great features. This creative design positions the $300 Project Nursery Video Baby Monitor System as one of the best on the market -- and one of the most expensive.

The first thing customers will probably notice when looking at Project Nursery's product is the $300 price tag. This video baby monitor costs more than most wearable monitors, video monitors and even things like automated infant seats and computerized changing pads.

But Project Nursery's monitoring kit will be worth the price for many parents. First, it has solid-but-not-incredible 800x640 resolution, a reliable connection, clear two-way audio, and plenty of extra features like motion alerts and lullabies.

Project Nursery really stands out because of its mini monitor, which shares all the features of the full-size base station. The 1.5-inch screen with a well-designed user interface is perfect for a wearable-type device. I used that monitor more often than the full-size one, especially when I did chores that required moving around the house.

Chris Monroe/CNET

This new monitor system isn't perfect, though. The $300 price will be prohibitive for many customers, no matter how many cool features are available. While the dedicated 2.4 GHz radio frequency keeps a consistent resolution, it has an 800-foot radius, which means you can't do any remote viewing -- a feature that would seem natural on a wearable wrist monitor like Project Nursery's. Even within that radius, there is minor latency when panning and tilting the camera. Finally, the wearable wrist monitor is pretty bulky -- especially for anyone who's accustomed to sleeker smart watches.

For all its minor shortcomings, Project Nursery's new monitor is a standout on the market. If parents can get past the price tag, it'll be a solid investment.

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