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A $129 sound bar? In the past I'd laugh and move on -- at least to $200 -- but this year I've seen so many decent ultra-budget models I say: "Bring it on!"

The Signa Solo follows in the footsteps of the excellent $179 Polk Signa S1 and boasts many of the same features. These include the company's own VoiceAdjust dialogue boosting tech and wireless Bluetooth playback.

As you'd guess from the name though, the Signa is unaccompanied by a wireless subwoofer. Instead it comes with four 2.5-inch full-range drivers with built-in bass ports. The bar also comes with an optical digital port and Dolby decoding. It will be available this September.

How will the Signa Solo compete against the current budget king, the $150 Vizio SB3621? I can't say for sure until I test it, but the Vizio's dedicated sub puts this Polk at a disadvantage on paper. However, having at least two manufacturers (three if you count Yamaha) trying to make quality sound bars more affordable is only great for the consumer. No matter what, I'm sure the Signa will sound better than just about any TV's built-in speaker.