The Polar M430 is an Olympic coach for your wrist

Polar's new M430 running watch comes with a heart-rate monitor and pairs with an app for smart coaching.

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Polar announced a new running watch: the M430.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Polar, the Finnish company known for its heart-rate monitors and running watches, has a new running watch, the M430. The Polar M430 replaces the company's M400 running watch, which places it smack in-between the M200 running watch and the M600 smart watch.

The M430 packs GPS and an optical heart-rate monitor with six LEDs into a waterproof body -- that's rated up to 30 meters (with a 3 ATM rating). Despite the "running watch" label, the M430 can be used to map bike rides and other activities as well as running routes. It can also track steps, distance, calories burned and sleep, as well as display notifications from your phone.

Other key features are:

  • Vibration alerts for hitting goals
  • Sleep tracking
  • Running measurements
  • Recovery measurements
  • Pairs with the Polar Flow app (Android, iOS) for smart coaching

The M430 has a six-LED optical heart-rate monitor.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Polar M430 comes in dark gray, white and orange, and will begin shipping in May 2017 for $229 or £200. That converts to about AU$335, with an Australian price yet to be announced.

Will the Polar M430 be one of our best fitness trackers? Until we can get our hands on one to test, we won't know. But check back soon for full specs and our review.


The wristband is made from breathable fabric.

Sarah Tew/CNET