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The Good Ergonomic barrel design Less screen drag Interchangeable tip Replacement tips can be purchased Comes with protective bag.

The Bad Artistic "brush" tip less responsive Not for heavy-duty scribbling.

The Bottom Line Most styluses on the market are of the rubber-tipped variety, and they're all pretty much of a muchness. With its ergonomic design and interchangeable tips, the Pogo Sketch Pro truly stands out.

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9.2 Overall

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We've tried a number of rubber-tipped styluses now. Of all of them, the Pogo Sketch Pro distinguishes itself from the crowd.

The first thing you'll notice about the Sketch Pro is its long, tapered barrel. Designed with iPad artists in mind, it sits in the hand more like a paintbrush than a pen, and inspires smooth, sweeping movements across the screen (although it's equally capable of fine movement). It's also marginally heavier than other styluses, the effect of which is an implement that feels solid and elegant to manipulate.

Although the tip is wide, the stylus does allow a fine degree of precision. The trick is to not think about it too much: let your hand move naturally, and the rest will follow. You probably won't be able to do small handwriting, but if you're just scribbling down a few notes, that doesn't really matter: the great thing about a virtual notebook is that it doesn't use up physical pages.

If you look a little more closely, you'll notice the rounded rubber tip is punched with holes. This allows for less friction drag on the screen, and the result is a very smooth and very comfortable flow. Coupled with the pliability of the rubber tip, which means writing feels more elastic and natural than something like the Adonit Jot Pro (which, to be fair, has a slightly different purpose), the Pogo Sketch Pro feels like nothing so much as an extension of your hand.

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