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Plantronics M100 review: Plantronics M100

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The Good The Plantronics M100 is a very slim and discreet headset with wind noise reduction, multipoint, and headset voice alerts. It has a comfortable fit, plus it has an iPhone battery meter.

The Bad The Plantronics M100 doesn't have A2DP streaming and the battery meter is exclusive to iPhones. Audio quality is not as good as we had hoped.

The Bottom Line The Plantronics M100 is a solid midrange Bluetooth headset for the price, especially for iPhone users who may want a headset battery meter.

7.0 Overall

Plantronics rarely steers us wrong when it comes to Bluetooth headsets, so we were pleased to hear the company has released yet another one, the Plantronics M100. Designed to be a midtier model for the urban professional, the M100 has a nice, slim design and features voice alerts and multipoint, in addition to the usual noise-canceling features. We were also pleasantly surprised by the addition of a headset battery meter specifically for iPhone users. We did wish the M100 had A2DP streaming as well, but for a mono headset, we were pleased with it. The Plantronics M100 is available for $79.95 retail.

The M100 doesn't look too eye-catching at first glance, but that's because it wasn't designed to be noticed. At 2.2 inches long by 0.5 inch wide by 0.25 inch thick, the M100 is one of the thinnest headsets we've seen. Wrapped in charcoal gray, the headset has thin stripes of color (green, blue, or pink) that run its length. Since it's so skinny and nondescript, it looks very discreet when worn, and not at all like the bulky telemarketer headsets of old.

Right on the front of the headset is the multifunction call button, located toward the top of the headset and flanked between two stripes. It has a curved surface so it was easy to find and press. On the left side is the power switch, which makes it easier to toggle the headset on and off. The volume/mute button is on the right side; one tap represents one volume level change, so you sometimes have to cycle through the whole set of volume levels to get to the one you want. We would prefer a regular volume rocker so we didn't have to do this. To activate mute, just hold it down for a second.

On the back of the headset is the earpiece, which is clad in a gel eartip. The eartip has a loop attached to it so you can wear it without a hook. You can rotate the eartip to the left or the right to fit either ear. Thankfully, Plantronics supplied two additional eartips in different sizes so you can have a more customized fit depending on the size of your ears. We found that it fit very comfortably; in fact, we can imagine wearing it all day without too much ear fatigue. Even so, Plantronics also includes an optional ear hook in case you want more stability. Also on the back of the M100 is a small LED indicator that blinks when the headset is on. On the top is the charger jack.

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