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LAS VEGAS -- Before there was Google Glass, there was Pivothead, a company making camera eyewear. Pivothead is back at CES 2014 with its latest Indiegogo project, the Colfax.

The big, bulky frames shoot 8-megapixel photos and 1080p HD video from the camera located in the center of the glasses, with buttons on the left earpierce triggering photo actions. A Bluetooth connection to your phone tells the glasses to turn on a row of LED notification lights when you receive a new message or call.

Pivothead's real innovation comes in powerful extra modules that slip over the end caps of the glasses, tremendously expanding their capabilities. For example, one module can turn on live streaming while another acts as a battery pack to nearly triple the device's 400mAh capacity. Time-lapse video and burst mode are also options, along with panorama.

Yet the key to supreme photo and video flexibility will be app integration through an SDK. The sky's the limit for developers, who can program apps to work with the Pivothead frames. For instance, you could press a button and sweep your head to automatically capture and upload a 360-degree view.

The Colfax has 16GB flash memory; a separate mod contains space for a microSD card slot if you need more.

Indiegogo backers can get the Colfax, or the Teller sunglasses model, $409 for the basic model. The mods will cost you extra, about $650 total if you get them all.