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Pioneer HTP-SB300 review: Pioneer HTP-SB300

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The Good Good-looking design; convenient wireless subwoofer; tight, clean audio.

The Bad Gimmicky pseudo-surround-sound modes; cluttered remote.

The Bottom Line The Pioneer HTP-SB300 is let down by its confusing remote and gimmicky surround-sound modes, but its impressive sonic performance goes a long way towards making up for these failings

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7.5 Overall

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Flat-screen TVs have improved dramatically over the last couple of years in terms of picture quality, but their sound quality hasn't really kept pace. The trend for increasingly slim TVs means there often simply isn't enough room in the chassis for a decent pair of speakers. One option is to boost your telly's audio via a soundbar system like Pioneer's HTP-SB300, which is priced at around £400 and includes a wireless subwoofer.

Frills that thrill
Unlike Samsung's HT-BD8200 and LG's HLB54S, the HTP-SB300 is a straightforward soundbar, without a built-in Blu-ray player. Measuring 90cm wide, it's designed to be used with TVs of between 32 and 37 inches in size. It'll happily sit in front of your set on a normal entertainment unit or, alternatively, it can be mounted on a wall (instructions and brackets for doing so are included in the box).

The soundbar's chassis has a matte black finish, with cloth covering the speaker grilles, but Pioneer has also added chrome panels on the ends to spice up the design. The centre of the HTP-SB300 houses an illuminated display, and it can be dimmed with the remote control so it doesn't distract you when you're watching movies with the lights turned down. This display shows the currently selected input, along with the volume level when it's being adjusted. Beneath the screen, there's a line of buttons that let you directly control settings such as input selection and volume when you've lost the remote down the back of the sofa.

The HTP-SB300's remote is cluttered, but you can use it to control your telly and Blu-ray player as well

The soundbar houses a centre speaker, plus two side speakers, which, along with the wireless subwoofer, makes this a 3.1-channel system. Pioneer says the total sound output is 250W, with the centre and side channels producing 50W each, and the subwoofer adding another 100W into the equation.

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