Pioneer BDP-LX91 review: Pioneer BDP-LX91

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The Good Blu-ray picture quality is truly amazing; phenomenal build quality; excellent connectivity; superb audio capability.

The Bad Very expensive; not the fastest Blu-ray player around.

The Bottom Line If you've got the desire and the bank balance to put together a really serious home-cinema kit, complete with a tip-top sound system and truly massive TV or projector, Pioneer's BDP-LX91 Blu-ray player is eminently qualified to become your system's heart and lungs

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8.8 Overall

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We like the fact that Blu-ray players have already become remarkably affordable. But we also welcome the fact that some manufacturers, such as Pioneer, clearly believe there should be a premium market for Blu-ray players, as well as a budget one. Pioneer's high-end BDP-LX91 may cost around £1,750, but it's a cracking machine.

Gargantuan dimensions
The BDP-LX91 towers over your average Blu-ray player like Goliath over David. But, this time, Goliath is going to have a rather more successful day on the field of battle. The BDP-LX91 is also astonishingly heavy and well-built. It's made from solid aluminium.

The BDP-LX91's size isn't just for show, either. It allows space for the separation of the deck's audio and video components -- something that's essential to delivering a truly premium AV performance, as it reduces the potential for cross-interference.

While we're on the subject of internal components, we should also mention that the BDP-LX91 employs ultra-high-spec digital audio converters from the legendary Wolfson stable; Pioneer's proprietary Precision Quartz Lock System for super-precise playback of CDs via the deck's HDMI output; and 14-bit digital-to-analogue converters for both high- and standard-definition video sources.

The BDP-LX91 is huge, expensive and remarkably capable

The BDP-LX91 also caters for pretty much every audio format you could imagine, including the new Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio ultra-high-bandwidth formats. It can play DivX, MP3, WMA and JPEG files too. That's the sort of multimedia capability that you don't always find in high-end AV circles.

The BDP-LX91's connections provide more evidence of its premium nature. It has analogue 7.1 outputs, for lossless analogue delivery of the decoded 7.1-channel HD audio streams now appearing on a growing number of Blu-ray discs. There's also an Ethernet port, which allows you to connect to the Internet and enjoy any BD-Live functions your discs may offer. The BDP-LX91 also sports a hefty cache of built-in memory, saving you from having to use an external USB drive to store downloadable BD-Live features.

Wrapping up the BDP-LX91's premium credentials are high-quality upscaling of DVDs to 1080p; a surprisingly flexible degree of video output adjustment; 48-bit 'Deep Colour' output; and Pioneer's ever-dependable 'PureCinema Progressive Scan' circuitry, which has regularly proven itself to have few, if any, peers when it comes to getting the absolute best motion clarity from any source material.

Peerless performance
All the on-paper specifications in the world can't justify a £1,750 price tag on their own, though. It's a good job, then, that the BDP-LX91 delivers market-leading performance.

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