Philips SlimStyle 60W Equivalent Daylight LED review: Strong light quality from the Philips SlimStyle Daylight LED

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The Good The Philips SlimStyle Daylight LED offers a strong quality of neutral-toned light, and is better than the competition at producing rich, saturated colors.

The Bad The SlimStyle wasn't as bright as we'd have liked, and it wasn't as smooth on dimmer switches as Cree's LED was.

The Bottom Line This is a well-rounded daylight pick with no significant weaknesses, and a good overall value at just $5.

7.8 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Value 9
  • Performance 7

We test light bulbs in a variety of different ways, and at almost every turn, the Philips SlimStyle Daylight LED left me impressed. For starters, it costs just $5 a pop, making it one of your most affordable dimmable daylight options in the LED aisle. Replace an incandescent with it, and you'll earn your money back in energy savings within a year.

Dimmable 60W replacement daylight LEDs

Philips SlimStyle Daylight LED Philips 60W Equivalent Daylight LED Cree 4Flow Daylight LED Sylvania 60W Equivalent Daylight LED Walmart Great Value 60W Equivalent Daylight LED GE 60W Equivalent Daylight LED
Lumens (measured/stated) 670 / 800 738 / 800 625 / 815 738 / 800 709 / 800 711 / 900
Watts 10.5 9 10 8.5 10 11
Efficiency (lumens per watt) 64 82 63 87 71 65
Yearly energy cost (3 hours of use per day) $1.26 $1.08 $1.20 $1.02 $1.20 $1.32
Color temperature (measured/stated) 4,758 K / 5,000 K 4,645 K / 5,000 K 4,561 K / 5,000 K 4,781 K / 5,000 K 4,562 K / 5,000 K 4,575 K / 5,000 K
Dimmable range 13.4 - 94.9% 9.9 - 93.2 % 5.0 - 100% 2.1 - 96.1% 18.4 - 99.5% 13.4 - 92.5%
Dimmer switch flicker/buzz Light Very light Very light Moderate Moderate Light
Life span 25,000 hours 25,000 hours 30,000 hours 25,000 hours 25,000 hours 30,000 hours
Weight 2.2 oz. 2.3 oz. 1.9 oz. 3 oz. 2.9 oz. 3.8 oz.
Energy Star Certification Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 3-year 5-year 5-year 5-year 3-year 10-year
Price $5 $8 $6 $8 $4 $5

It isn't the best at anything, though. Sure, it's cheap at $5 -- but the Walmart Great Value Daylight LED is a buck cheaper. It does a decent job on dimmer switches -- but the Cree 4Flow LED dims even better. At 670 lumens, it isn't your brightest option -- but then again, none of the LEDs I tested came out as bright as promised.

The SlimStyle's best strength might be its light quality. Though all of these daylight bulbs did a fine job in my color-rendering tests, the Philips SlimStyle looked to be the sharpest of the bunch, with rich, saturated colors and a true, neutral white tone of light. All six bulbs aim for a hot, white color temperature of 5,000 K -- at 4,758 K, the SlimStyle LED was one of the closest to the target.

As for dimming, the SlimStyle bulb did a good job in my tests, but not a great one. It didn't buzz on any of my switches (an issue with the very first batch of SlimStyle bulbs back in 2014), but it did give off a light flicker at low settings. Those low settings were also a little high for my liking -- on average, I was only able to dial it down to a minimum of 13.4 percent brightness. For comparison, the Cree 4Flow Daylight LED, my dimmable daylight pick, dialed all the way down to 5 percent.

Still, this is a well-rounded LED that'd work well for quick, practical lighting. With no real weaknesses to speak of, it's one of the easiest of these daylight LEDs to recommend -- though like I said, that Cree bulb is probably worth the extra buck if you're planning on dimming the lights.

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