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Philips DCP851 portable DVD player w/ iPod dock review: Philips DCP851 portable DVD player w/ iPod dock

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MSRP: $249.95

The Good Portable DVD player includes built-in iPod dock with video playback; 8.5-inch screen; DivX, MPEG4, JPEG, MP3 playback compatibility; SD flash card reader; good remote control; easy-to-use interface for digital media.

The Bad Short 2.5-hour battery life; tablet-style design leaves screen unprotected; washed-out screen; buttons aren't very responsive; battery is not user replaceable; iPod video playback is very dark.

The Bottom Line The long list of features on the Philips DCP851--including the ability to play DVDs, digital media files, and iPod videos--is overshadowed by its mediocre picture quality and short battery life.

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6.3 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 8
  • Performance 4

Review Sections

While the DCP750 and DCP850 weren't the first portable DVD players to include built-in iPod docks, the Philips brand ensured that they made a bigger splash than earlier models from the likes of iLuv. For 2008, Philips has overhauled the design, opting for a tablet configuration instead of the standard clamshell found on those earlier models. The new models are available in 8.5-inch--the black DCP851, reviewed here, and the white DCP852--and 9-inch (black, DCP951) configurations. The players do an impressive job of offering a wide variety of video playback options on the road, but a few design flaws and--most notably--short battery life hinder the overall experience.

Because the DCP851 eschews the clamshell design of most portable DVD players, it has no hinges and is completely self-contained. You can prop the player up, however, as Philips has installed a retractable stand directly adjacent to the rear disc slot. In addition to playing the usual DVDs and CDs, the DCP851 has an SD/MMC flash card reader and a fold-out iPod dock that tucks away on the right side of the device. Weighing about 2 pounds, the DCP851 is covered in a glossy, black finish that wraps around its curved housing. Its 8.5-inch screen rests above the various controls, including the directional buttons, which are encircled by a blue light. We found the buttons on the player to be very unresponsive, especially when in iPod mode or when reading the contents of a memory card. After having to push buttons repeatedly for them to work, we'd recommend using the included remote for all navigation and playback controls. Thankfully, we like the included remote--it's the slimmest of the remotes of all the portable DVD players we've recently tested.

On the left side of the player you'll find all of the connectivity options the DCP851 has to offer. You've got two headphone jacks, separate AV in (for using it as a monitor) and out (for video playback on a larger TV) ports, the volume wheel, and an SD card slot. The DCP851 comes with an AV breakout cable to enable the above-mentioned external connections. And while Philips also throws in a car charger, there are no mounting straps for use with a car seat.

The DCP851 can playback various file formats. We loaded a handful of files on our 1GB SD card and were able to play DivX-encoded files along with MPEG-4 video files with ease. The player can also play MP3 audio and JPEG photo files. We really enjoyed the player's easy-to-use navigational interface, which allowed us to easily browse the contents of our SD card. The software even displays ID3 tag information for MP3s and resolution details for images. The DCP851 can also play any of the above mentioned formats from a home-burned DVD or CD as well.

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