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Philips DCP750 review: Philips DCP750

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The Good iPod connectivity. Stylish design. Plays just about anything. Two headphone sockets.

The Bad Comparatively expensive. Chunky remote. Remote not always responsive. Average speakers.

The Bottom Line Philips' iPod-compatible DVD player adds another layer to your in-car entertainment experience -- at a price.

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8.5 Overall

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Like far, far too many iPod-compatible accessories out there, Philips has taken the easy road with the DCP750. Or, in other words, it's white. Until you open it up, that is, where it sports an all-black casing with silver lettering. The size of the DCP750 is a touch misleading; while it measures in at 210mm by 39mm by 178mm, the display is only seven inches wide, with speakers integrated underneath. The left side of the base of the unit houses the DVD tray, while the right hand side is where the remote control is stored -- as well as something else. The design of the remote is about the only thing we don't like about the DCP750. It's chunky and doesn't match well with the sleek aesthetics of the rest of the player. The remote sticks very firmly in place and pops out via a two-part release mechanism, which means you're very unlikely to lose it.

Remember that "something else" we mentioned? Underneath the remote control sits a docking bay for fifth-generation iPods or better, allowing the DCP750 to play back any media residing on your iPod.

The display screen on the DCP750 swivels, tablet-PC style, allowing you to present it either as a flat tablet or standard flip-top DVD player, even with the remote control or an iPod installed.

If there's a video format out there, then the DCP750 will pretty much play it. We were somewhat surprised to note that it's not region free, which is a tad annoying for a portable player. Some quick Googling fixed that for us, thankfully. The optical drive also supports DVD, DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, SVCD, Video CD, CD, CD-R/CD-RW, MP3-CD, Picture CD and DivX, which should keep you entertained. If that's not enough, an SD card slot on the side lets you browse photos. Finally, the compatibility with 5th generation iPods lets you access any iPod-compatible media.

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