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Philips DAB AE5230 Radio review: Philips DAB AE5230 Radio

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The Good Choice of AC or battery power. Simple operation.

The Bad Stand is poorly built. Needs six AAs for portable playback. Flat audio.

The Bottom Line Philips' inexpensive entry into the digital radio world offers few surprises, either nice or nasty.

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7.3 Overall

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We're starting to see a bit of variance in the DAB+ radio market when it comes to design. While the first wave of DAB+ units tended towards retro styles — presumably to entice long-term radio enthusiasts with a taste for nostalgia — there's a number of models that avert this trend and go for a more modern look.

And then there's the Philips DAB AE5230, which doesn't. This is a DAB+ model designed to look like a classic transistor radio in black and silver plastic. It's small enough to be technically portable at 200x104x45mm and 650g, but only in a shoulder bag sense. Power is supplied either via an AC adapter for desk-based audio, or from AA batteries if you want to go portable. You'll need a fair few AAs to hand though, as the Philips DAB AE5230 will happily gobble up six in order to provide DAB+ reception on the go.

By itself the AE5230 isn't capable of standing upright. A small and rather wobbly plastic stand extends from the back, and while it does do the job of holding up the AE5230 to an acceptable standard, it's not particularly sturdy.

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