Philips 37PFL5522D review: Philips 37PFL5522D

The Good Exceptionally cheap price tag; includes a version of Philips' Pixel Plus HD picture processing.

The Bad Suffers with motion blur; slightly cheap looks; muted colours; lack of connectivity options.

The Bottom Line Philips has notched up some notable successes of late at the premium end of the market. But we have to say that its trip 'downtown' with the 37PFL5522D hasn't been entirely successful, as the set fails to escape from LCD technology's traditional deficiencies as well as we'd hoped

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5.5 Overall

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Philips has been beavering away mostly at the premium end of the TV market of late, with its stellar 9632D range and iconic 9900 'Aurea' models, with their innovative light frame technology. But today's £600 37PFL5522D couldn't be more different; it's a no-frills TV that has little more on its mind than delivering 37 inches of screen size as cheaply as possible.

The 37PFL5522D's main attraction is its price. Widely available for £600 or less on the Internet, it really is exceptionally cheap for a 37-inch LCD TV. It's also robustly built for the money, and outguns many of its uber-cheap rivals by sporting a dynamic backlight system to produce deeper black levels. As a result, the TV claims a contrast ratio of 7,500:1 -- considerably higher than the figures that tend to be bandied around at the budget end of the market.

An unexpected bonus on the 37PFL5522D is Philips' Pixel Plus HD image processing. Before you get too excited about this, the version of Pixel Plus we're talking about is not the latest one. In fact, it's a good two or even three generations behind Philips' latest Perfect Pixel HD Engine processing technology.

As our experience would lead us to expect, despite its age, its talent for adding detail and sharpness to pictures still has plenty of impact, helping high and standard definition sources alike look markedly more textured and crisp than we're accustomed to seeing in the budget zone -- even though the screen's native resolution is 'only' an HD Ready 1,366x768 pixels rather than 1,920x1,080 pixels.

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