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LAS VEGAS -- The Petcube is like a baby monitor for your pets -- but better. The device has a built-in camera, a laser, and a speaker for engaging your pets in a variety of ways while you're out of the house.

Using the Petcube app, which is free for both iOS and Android, the device live-streams video of the room it's in. Its wide-angle camera aptly captures an entire room and it streams in 720p HD. When streaming video, if you interact with the touchscreen of your smartphone, the built-in laser is activated and you can play with your pets as they follow the light around. If your pet is getting into mischief, the app also allows you to talk to them through the cube and tell them to cut it out.

The app lets you livestream video to your smartphone. Xiomara Blanco/CNET

The Petcube itself is rather light, at 1.3 pounds (590 grams), and can be mounted on a tripod. It's powered by an included AC adapter and supports charging via micro-USB cord.

The app supports multiple Petcubes and, in addition to spying on your own animals, public live streams let you peek into other homes and animal shelters that have also adopted the Petcube into their environment. In a move that will please animal lovers, it features an Instagram-like function that allows you to share screencaps from your Petcube with the world, as well follow other animal aficionados using the app.

The Petcube is priced at $199 (which converts to £130 and AU$245) and is available on its website, Amazon and For more coverage on the cool gadgets at CES 2015 click here.