Pentax K-m review: Pentax K-m

The Good SR anti-shake, dynamic range, image quality, AA batteries.

The Bad Kit lens performance, noisy AF.

The Bottom Line The instant reaction to K-m is that it’s like all the rest but a fraction cruder. It’s true that the kit lens isn’t up to much, but look at the rest of it -- a stainless steel chassis, expanded dynamic range, the best anti-shake system on the market and surprising depth in both its images and its photograpic options

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8.3 Overall

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Pentax has decided to launch an attack on the bottom end of the D-SLR market with its new 10-megapixel K-m, designed specifically with beginners in mind. But what kind of camera can you get for £350, and is it really good enough to worry Canon and Nikon?

Actually, these days you can get a pretty decent D-SLR for this kind of money, including the Nikon D60, Canon EOS 1000D, Sony Alpha A200 and Olympus E-420, so what can the K-m add to the mix?

Well, there’s Pentax’s excellent sensor-based SR anti-shake system, for a start. On previous models this has proved to be one of the best on the market, and while in this camera it’s been downsized, the results look just as good as ever.

This system is also used for dust-removal, and the K-m goes further than its rivals by adding an excellent dust-checking system which clearly highlights any dust on the sensor -- you can check to see if you need to activate the built-in cleaning, and then check it’s worked afterwards.

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