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Wearable Tech

Pebble watch is the smartest timepiece ever (hands-on)

With wireless syncing to Android and iOS, the stylish Pebble is the slickest smart watch yet.

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LAS VEGAS--Think your smart watch is pretty slick? Well think again. The new $150 Pebble watch flaunts a wide range of fancy skills plus looks gorgeous doing it.

On the surface, the Pebble seems to be your standard smart timepiece. It syncs to phones, either Android or iOS, to display incoming messages and caller information. What sets this device apart, though, are its powerful and flexible software skills and stunning good looks. For instance you'll be able to configure the device via the cloud and have custom alerts pushed to the watch. Need to know when it's raining in Topeka, Kan.? No problem. You can also download and swap in fresh watch faces on the fly to keep things current.

Another big draw of the device is its sleek, light (38.2 grams) chassis and attractive design. The Pebble's display (1,44x168 pixels) also uses e-ink style LCD technology, which enables you to view it in strong outdoor sunlight.

Brian Bennett/CNET

When I picked the Pebble up, held it in my hands, and strapped it to my wrist, I was hit with its beauty and light weight. Honestly the gadget feels lighter and smaller than my standard analog watch. And with the ability to run custom apps and software in the future, I bet developers will soon harness the Pebble's built-in accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and other high-tech gear in no time.

Want to get your hands on the new Pebble? You'll have to wait until after January 23 when the watch will begin shipping out to its first Kickstarter supporters.

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