Panasonic VIERA Plasma TV TH-50PV30A

Panasonic's VIERA plasma TVs are designed to bring style as well as High Definition pictures to your lounge room.

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Let's face it. One of the biggest motivating factors in buying a plasma screen it that it will look so cool hanging on your wall.  Panasonic's been paying attention and has focused on styling for its newest VIERA plasma range, integrating a pearl-silver finish with striking black screen framing.

There are two High-Definition-ready models in the VIERA plasma line-up: the 127cm/50 inch TH-50PV30A (AU$10,999) and the 106cm/42 inch TH-42PV30A (AU$8799). Both sizes will be available in Australia in September 2004. Technology enhancements have not been overlooked either, with such features as: a Real Black Drive System that reduces emissions when reproducing black for better clarity; a Super Real Gamma System that reproduces 1024 shades of gradation for improved detail in dark scenes; and a 'Deep Black Filter' to filter reflective light to maintain a high level of contrast in bright surroundings.

The plasmas also have AV 'Picture-in-Picture' and an integrated speaker system with four 16mm wide speakers at the left and right of the screen and two woofer units at the bottom. On the connectivity side, the VIERA plasmas offer an SD Memory Card slot, a PC card slot, PC input for a laptop and connections for game consoles.


When you've paid for the plasma, keep your credit card handy, as you'll have to pony up for an HD set top box to get the most out of your set. Oh, and if you're not hanging this like a piece of artwork, be prepared to pay AU$439 for a pedestal or a whopping AU$1649 for the compatible deluxe display stand.


Panasonic's VIERA plamsa TVs are designed to bring style as well as High Definition pictures to your lounge room.