Panasonic TY-ER3D4MU review: Panasonic TY-ER3D4MU

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The Good The glasses are much cheaper than in previous years and much more streamlined. The glasses are based on the Full HD 3D standard and will work across compatible Panasonic and Samsung TVs. Image quality and fit are noticeably better than the cheaper Samsung glasses.

The Bad These 2012 glasses won't work with 2011 or earlier Panasonic 3D TVs. Despite the build quality the lenses are still susceptible to damage and to protect your investment we'd suggest storing them away after use. The glasses are still on the pricey side with Samsung and LG producing appreciably cheaper sets.

The Bottom Line The Panasonic TY-ER3D4MU are universal glasses compatible with the Full HD 3D and offer decent build quality and appreciably better picture quality than cheap glasses.

7.8 Overall

Last year, three of the 'big four' television manufacturers announced along with 3D glasses maker XpanD they were pooling their resources to create a single standard for active 3D glasses, called the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative.

While Sony's 2012 3D TVs like the HX750 are still proprietary, Samsung and Panasonic are now selling 2012 glasses and TVs that comply with the standard and earn the special logo. Of most interest will be the cheaper glasses, the Samsung SSG-4100GB, which sell for $20 online. The Panasonic TY-ER3D4MU go for around $60. Both will work with any 2012 Samsung or Panasonic active 3D TV and any future TV that complies with the Full HD 3D standard.

Design and Fit
Unlike the lightweight Samsung SSG-4100GB, the Panasonic TY-ER3D4MU glasses feel harder wearing and don't require assembly. The Panasonics have longer arms that the Samsungs and are hinged for better rigidity. The fit is very good whether you wear prescription glasses or not and the glasses block out quite a bit of light while still remaining lightweight.

Like the Samsung's the on-off control is situated just above the nose and holding the control to the right pairs them to the TV. We had no trouble pairing them to either TV as long as we held them close to the screen. The glasses use Bluetooth instead of infrared so they don't need a physical view of the TV, which means you don't have to resync them if you lose line of sight for some reason. The Panasonic's TY-ER3D4MUs are rechargeable and charge via a small USB port.

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