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Panasonic TX-P42UT50B review: Panasonic TX-P42UT50B

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The Good Decent Internet features; Deep black levels; Warm cinematic colours; Good standard-definition upscaling; Very affordable; strong audio.

The Bad Reflective screen surface; Not really suitable for use in bright rooms.

The Bottom Line A measly two HDMI ports and the reflective screen will be a deal breaker for some, but the 42-inch Panasonic TX-P42UT50B will reward you with excellent picture quality, good online features and strong audio if you can put up with these failings. It's an excellent budget buy.

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8.3 Overall

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Panasonic's cheaper plasma TVs often have many of the best features found in its pricier VT and GT ranges, and that's definitely the case with the 42-inch TX-P42UT50B.

You can buy it for as little as £570 online, even though it uses the G15 panel seen on Panasonic's highly-rated plasmas that cost twice or three times the price. It also serves up the same Viera Cast smart TV system for streaming shows online.

User interface and EPG

The weakest elements of Panasonic's TVs have for some time been the menu system and electronic programme guide (EPG). Unfortunately, nothing has changed on the TX-P42UT50B. It has exactly the same menus as other models in Panasonic's range including the ST50 and GT50 TVs. It looks very dated and relies on static screens that simply list options as yellow text on a blue background.

Panasonic TX-P42UT50B EPG
The EPG lacks the graphical pizzazz of Samsung and LG models.

On the plus side, the menus are straightforward to navigate as they're logically laid out, so it's easy to find stuff like the tuning menu and picture settings. As with the high-end models in Panasonic's range, by default, the picture settings are limited to the basic controls including contrast, brightness, colour and sharpness. This helps make picture tweaking as easy as possible for non-techies.

There's also an Advanced mode that you can turn on via the main menu, which opens up extra controls, such as RGB gain settings, that you can use for more advanced calibration of the TV.

Sadly, the EPG is the same story as the menus. It looks rather dated and a tad ugly, but at least the text is large enough to be comfortably read form a distance.  The EPG still lacks a TV thumbnail window and cuts off all audio when you open it, so it intrudes on your viewing more than it should. At least we can bid farewell to the web-style adverts that used to take up space on the EPGs of older models.

Design and connections

Plasma screens are never going to rival the sleek looks of today's best LED TVs, as the technology dictates that cases need to be a little deeper. The TX-P42UT50B is a little chunky as its chassis measures around 63mm deep and the bezel is on the wide size at 35mm, but it's certainly not ugly.

Panasonic has added a good-looking Perspex lip around the edge of the bezel and there's an attractive angled chrome panel running along the bottom edge of the display. It's a sophisticated package, especially when you consider the low price tag.

The set comes with Panasonic's standard remote control, which is no bad thing. The remote is long and slim and has large, hard plastic buttons that are smartly laid out, so those for the TV's main features are always within easy reach of your thumb.

Panasonic TX-P42UT50B remote
The remote's large buttons and slim design make it a winner.

As this TV shares many of the features of Panasonic's higher-end models, the company has had to artificially knobble it to make it a slightly less attractive option. One way it's done this is by restricting the number of ports. Despite the fact Panasonic's own budget 32-inch TX-L32X5B comes with three HDMI ports, the TX-P42UT50B only has two. Pretty much every other 42-inch TV that I review these days has four.

There is a set of component video connectors that you can use to hook up a third piece of HD gear, but the paucity of HDMI ports will still be a problem for many of you, forcing you to opt for the more expensive ST50, which is presumably Panasonic's plan. The set lacks composite and VGA connectors too, further limiting the range of devices you can plug in.

On the networking front, there's an Ethernet socket on the rear, but sadly no on-board Wi-Fi, although it can be added as an option. There are also two side-mounted USB ports, as well as an SD card slot.

Video file playback

Just like the high-end models in the range, the TX-P42UT50B supports Panasonic's Viera Cast smart TV platform. This includes quite a few video on-demand services, such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Acetrax and Blinkbox. There are plenty of news and information services, inluding AccuWeather and Associated Press, plus the BBC news and sports apps, which are well worth installing.

Panasonic TX-P42UT50B smart TV features
The set has Netflix among its smart TV apps but lacks support for Lovefilm.

There's a full web browser, which has limited support for video. Some videos on sites work but many don't. Anyway, the browser is painful to control via the standard remote. If you download Panasonic's app for Android or iOS devices, you can 'catch and throw' web pages from the app to the TV, although it's still clunky -- less catch and throw, more fling and hope.

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