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Panasonic TX-37LZD70 review: Panasonic TX-37LZD70

The Good Excellent HD sharpness; remarkably clean pictures; plenty of features; fair price.

The Bad Black levels could be better; some colours feel a touch muted.

The Bottom Line Having long proclaimed that plasma is the only technology worth using on large flat TVs, Panasonic's first ever 37-inch LCD, the Panasonic TX-37LZD70, is a generally solid, sometimes spectacular, effort. But while it stands up well versus many other 37-inch LCD rivals, we'd still take one of Panasonic's plasmas every time

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7.5 Overall

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We guess that the TX-37LZD70, costing less than £900, must be something of a bittersweet product for Panasonic. For as the first 37-inch LCD TV the brand has ever released in the UK, it flies in the face of the argument Panasonic has long espoused that you should use plasma rather than LCD technology for anything bigger than 32 inches.

So is it a case of 'if you can't beat them, join them', or has Panasonic finally got its own LCD technology to a point where it can compete with plasma?

Right off the bat, the 37LZD70 hits you with a clear advantage of LCD over plasma, as it delivers a 'Full HD' resolution -- something not even Panasonic has managed to achieve on a 37-inch plasma. What's more, it's fully compatible with the 1080p/24fps format gaining currency with the arrival of HD DVD and Blu-ray -- a compatibility certainly not found right across Panasonic's plasma range.

Connectivity is fair, including as it does two HDMIs, component jacks for HD viewing, plus a PC port and an SD card slot for direct viewing of digital photos. In an ideal world, a third HDMI might have been nice, but two is in line with most of its rivals at a pretty reasonable £900 price point.

A superb remote control and effortless onscreen menu system, meanwhile, makes the 37LZD70 one of the easiest TVs to use we've ever come across.

As we'd hoped would be the case, the 37LZD70's pictures are driven by Panasonic's impressive V-Real 2 Pro processing engine, complete with its tried and tested techniques for -- among other things -- reducing video noise, improving colour toning and upscaling standard definition sources to the Full HD pixel resolution.

Predictably, V-Real 2 Pro helps the 37LZD70 achieve some real picture highs. For instance, HD pictures look just about as sharp, detailed and above all free of video noise as we've seen on an LCD screen of this size. Watching a pristine HD source, such as the Blu-ray of Pirates of the Caribbean, feels at times like looking through a window at another world.

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