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Panasonic SC-PMX2DB review: Panasonic SC-PMX2DB

The Good Decent sound quality; expansion port.

The Bad Poor track navigation on external USB devices; only supports the MP3 format.

The Bottom Line The Panasonic SC-PMX2DB isn't exactly an exceptional sounding micro system, but it has a good range of features for the price and we like the way you can expand it in the future with plug-in modules

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6.5 Overall

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With the SC-PMX2DB, Panasonic is trying to take the humble micro hi-fi and hurtle it into the modern age by kitting it out with a USB port and an expansion slot so you can add Bluetooth support or an iPod dock later.

The system can be purchased for around £200.

There are plenty of micro hi-fi systems on the market so Panasonic has tried to spice this one up by adding a couple of extras. Beneath the system's display there's a cover that flips down to reveal a USB port. You can plug memory keys, hard drives or music players into this and the system will let you play back any MP3 files stored on them.

Panasonic has also added an expansion socket at the top of the system. Currently there are two optional add-ons available for this. The first is a Bluetooth module that lets you play music wirelessly from a mobile phone or PC through the speakers. The second is a dock that lets you hook your iPod up to the system. Unfortunately, Panasonic didn't supply either of these additions with our review unit so we weren't able to try them out, but the idea of having an expandable micro hi-fi is certainly an intriguing one.

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