Pacific Digital MemoryFrame MF-810 review: Pacific Digital MemoryFrame MF-810

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MSRP: $249.99

The Good Easy-to-use firmware and companion application; USB connectivity; bright display.

The Bad No wireless connectivity; expensive.

The Bottom Line This is an easy way to improve on the tried-and-true array of framed pictures that are de rigueur in every office.

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8.0 Overall

If you're new to digital picture frames, the Pacific Digital MemoryFrame MF-810 is a simple, rewarding way to go. Just connect the MemoryFrame to your PC or your digital camera via the included USB cable and load it up with as many as 55 of your favorite images. Never again will you have to swivel around in your office chair and face the same tired old snapshots on your desk.

The screen on the MF-810 is about 6 by 8 viewable inches, and its brightness and general image quality are very good. Screen resolution is 320x240 pixels, which works well for this application. Larger images are automatically interpolated and look fine. A number of controls on the top of the frame allow you to customize the presentation of the slide show, but most users will just let the frame run in its default mode, which cycles to a new image about every 10 seconds.

The MF-810 comes with a simple helper application that walks you through adding, deleting, and modifying the images on the frame. The frame also lets you record a short audio clip to go with each image. And since it retains its memory when the power is off, you can preload it with images and audio narration, and then present it as a gift.

The MemoryFrame doesn't connect to the Internet, as the Ceiva digital frame does, nor does it allow the user to manage it through a wireless connection, but Pacific Digital promises that these features are coming soon.

On the nontechnical side, the MemoryFrame's clever built-in clip system lets you put the entire device in any standard 8x10 picture frame to customize the look--a nice feature that gives you an alternative to the MemoryFrame's black-plastic styling.