Ozmo Active Smart Cup review: This smart drink holder doesn't quite measure up

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The Good The $60/£45/AU$80 Ozmo Active Smart Cup looks great, its related app is easy to navigate and its simple reminders encourage you to drink more water and less caffeine.

The Bad Ozmo can't track other caffeinated beverages like tea or soda and $60 is a lot to spend on a smart drinking cup. The app didn't always log the water or coffee I was drinking.

The Bottom Line Ozmo's Active Smart Cup is a neat concept whose hit-or-miss performance and limited features don't match its high price.

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6.0 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 4
  • Performance 6

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The Ozmo Active Smart Cup is an intriguing concept that gets bogged down by its high price and lack of features, ultimately making it tough to recommend. Here's the gist.

To combat dehydration, Hong-Kong-based startup Ozmo developed a $60/£45/AU$80 16-ounce Bluetooth-enabled cup available worldwide (also called Ozmo). Of course, you can put any drink under 176°F (80°C) in this sturdy-lidded drink holder, but it's specifically designed to auto-log your water and coffee consumption via built-in sensors. Initial question: Do we really need this much help remembering to drink water?

The Ozmo app walks you through the simple initial configuration then asks for some basic information -- your age, your height and weight, and your activity level (from low to extreme). From there, it arrives at an optimal amount of water you should drink every day. Mine was 108 ounces or 13.5 cups. That seemed high, but it's probably because I grew up with the ol' 8 cups of water a day adage and never really questioned it.

The software also decides on a maximum daily caffeine intake for you, 21 ounces in my case -- just over 2.5 cups.