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Oxo's Glass Pour-Over Set has a stylish look.


Kitchen appliance purveyor Oxo has applied its distinctive eye for clean lines and functional design to a new pour-over coffee maker. The $50 Glass Pour-Over Set consists of just two parts, a dripper and serving pitcher both hand-blown from borosilicate glass. That price roughly converts to £40 and AU$65.

The funnel-shaped dripper section holds custom flat-bottomed paper filters with ridged edges. It's similar to standard basket coffee filters and ones used by the Kalita Wave drip brewers. Oxo says this fluted structure provides gaps for air and coffee to properly flow through its sides while brewing. Also, its flat bottom encourages even coffee flavor extraction.

Brewed coffee is collected below inside the glass server. The pitcher has both sides of double-walled glass and a cork lid designed to keep liquid coffee hot for long periods of time.

A stainless steel ring sits between the two components and has a silicone pad to prevent slips as well as slides. You'll find a cutout hole on the ring too, so you can see the coffee level inside non-transparent mugs.

Additional Oxo Glass Pour-Over Set details

  • Constructed from hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • Server has a 24-ounce capacity
  • Server and Dripper sold separately for $30 (roughly £25 and AU$40) and $25 (roughly £20, AU$30) respectively
  • Filter 10 packs cost $5 (roughly £4 and AU$7).
  • Expected to ship by July 2017