Optus USB Slimline Modem review: Optus USB Slimline Modem

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The Good Slimline design. Installation files included on the device. Prepaid billing option.

The Bad Some software quirks still to be ironed out. Inconsistent service.

The Bottom Line We have had more problems to troubleshoot with the Optus modem than with the same product from Vodafone and 3 Mobile. Overall, the service was reasonably stable, though large fluctuations in throughput were common during our tests.

6.6 Overall

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This is getting repetitive. Every time we review a wireless broadband dongle we begin by pointing out the fact that this new modem is actually exactly the same as the last modem we reviewed from one of the competing carriers. It was the same with the last generation of "soap-on-a-rope" styled broadband dongles, and guess what? It's the same story here now: this new Optus USB modem is exactly the same as the modem currently offered by Vodafone and 3 Mobile bundles with their wireless broadband plans.

Aside from the advantage of a slimmer, more attractive design, one of the major differences over the previous generation USB modems is the inclusion of a microSD card reader on the side. So obviously, you will need to buy a microSD card to make use of this feature, but on the upside you won't be restricted to a static capacity, instead you will be able to "hot-swap" these cards.

The Optus wireless modem also comes bundled with a USB extension cable. In a way, using the extension cable defeats the purpose of buying this modem over the previous generation as the new slim design removes the need for a short-wired connection. However, during our review it became obvious that people who intend to move their PC frequently, for example those who schlep their laptops around the house, may want to use the laptop to save the USB connection snapping off after being accidentally bumped.

If all the available wireless broadband modems are the same then it is surely the network performance that separates them. The trouble is that this is such a contentious feature to test, as there are dozens of variables that could negatively impact performance.

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