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For the past ten years or so Oppo has been the foremost name in enthusiast-level video players -- from DVD to Blu-ray and now seemingly to 4K Blu-ray. Its players have been our reference models in the CNET labs for almost as long with the BDP-105 serving as one of our current 1080p standards.

So you can imagine we were quite excited by the stealthy announcement of the UDP-203 at this year's CEDIA expo, and which Oppo has now made official. While details are still scant, journalist Chris Heinonen posted some tidbits on his Twitter page including a few pictures.

The new UDP-203 will be priced the same as the previous BDP-103 at $499, but it won't include Darbee processing, Heinonen says.

Based on the back panel pictures the player will have a 7.1-channel analog output, two HDMI outputs, two USB 3.0 ports (plus one on the front), in addition to digital coaxial and optical.

Oppo says the player should be available by the end of the year, and so in the immediate absence of a Sony player and only a more expensive Panasonic player to contend with, this again looks like it could be the videophile player to buy.

Look forward to more details as they come, including UK and Australian availability and pricing.