Ashlee Clark Thompson/CNET

Omron Healthcare's newest blood pressure monitor has all the trappings of the other smart watches we've seen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. You wear the device around your wrist, it displays the time, counts your steps and tracks your sleep. But unlike the other wearables on display at CES, Omron insists that their product is first and foremost a blood pressure monitor.

The back of the Omron blood pressure monitor has a button you push to start taking a blood pressure reading.

Ashlee Clark Thompson/CNET

The company is displaying the blood pressure monitor, along with a more traditional upper-arm model, at CES 2016. The wrist monitor will be available at the end of 2016 for $200. Omron says the product will let folks with severe high blood pressure keep better track of their numbers in a more discreet way. The Omron's app will also keep tabs on your blood pressure readings so you can share the info with your doctor.

To take your blood pressure, you turn your arm palm-up as you would with a traditional blood pressure monitor. You elevate your arm, press a button on the strap of the monitor and the inside begins to inflate around your wrist (like when an arm cuff begins to tighten around your bicep).


  • Tracks steps, calories and sleep
  • App can send medication reminders
  • Blood pressure readings are time stamped

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