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Nyko iTop Button Relocator for iPod review: Nyko iTop Button Relocator for iPod

This nifty attachment gives you more tactile control over your iPod.

James Kim
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James Kim
Nyko's handy iTop Button Relocator
Here's a thoughtful product for iPod owners: Nyko's iTop Button Relocator. This affordable chrome-and-white accessory plugs into the top of any iPod with a dock connector (any iPod with 10GB or more) and maps functions such as play/pause, forward, rewind, and, thankfully, volume control to the iTop's tactile, easily accessible buttons. It's a handy accessory for those who despise slaloming through the iPod's menus to adjust volume, as well as for those who like to stash their iPods in their pocket or bag. Conveniently, the iTop includes a mirrored hold switch and a headphone jack.

The Nyko iTop is the answer for those who complain about the iPod's lack of a dedicated volume control. It feels slightly flimsy when mounted on the iPod and sometimes slips off when pulled from a tight pocket, but for $19.99, it makes a nice addition to the iPod-accessories category. You can also opt for the Apple in-line remote control, which provides the same remapped buttons for volume and track control and is very useful when the iPod is stashed away--though it costs $39.99.


Nyko iTop Button Relocator for iPod

The Good

Creates dedicated, tactile buttons that are especially useful for blind volume control; costs half the price of the Apple in-line remote control.

The Bad

Accessory sometimes slips off when pulled from a pocket; you still have to use the Click Wheel to navigate menus.

The Bottom Line

Don't have time or patience to pull out your iPod just to control it? Then check out Nyko's handy iTop.