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Nokia N91 8GB review: Nokia N91 8GB

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The Good 8GB hard drive. Dedicated music playback keys. Integrated Wi-Fi. 3.5mm headphone jack. Lots of bundled accessories.

The Bad Problems roll-over from the original N91. Bulky. Numerical keys are too small. Expensive.

The Bottom Line If you don't mind small keys and can sacrifice a bit of pocket space, Nokia's N91 8GB has all the bells and whistles.

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7.1 Overall

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Not a great deal has changed on this model since we saw the original N91 over a year ago. While Motorola has for a long time stuck with the design of the successful RAZR, Nokia's upgrade to its N91 remains monstrously bulky -- it's over 11cm long and weighs a pocket-sagging 164 grams. Nokia has changed the N91 8GB's colour from silver to black, perhaps hoping that black would be slimming. With the sliding keypad extended, it looks more like a remote control than a phone from this century. Numeric keys are far too thin and small, considering the handset's size you'd think there would be space for larger buttons. We still also have gripes with the N91's responsiveness.

Looks aside, this multimedia device leaves other phones for dead. Nokia has upped the N91's 4GB internal hard disk to 8GB, enough to hold around 2,000 songs. The only other phone we've seen with 8GB of internal storage is the Apple iPhone, although the iPhone boasts lighter, solid state flash memory.

With the inclusion of the stereo Bluetooth profile (A2DP) on the N91, you can pair the handset up to a set of Bluetooth headphones to listen to music and answer calls wirelessly.

Wi-Fi and 3G are still supported for connectivity, but unfortunately Nokia hasn't added HSDPA-capabilities. Battery life lived up to expectations, providing about four days use between charges with minimal use of the MP3 player and occasional use of wireless LAN.

Read our full review of the first-generation Nokia N91 for more information.

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