Nokia's latest smartphone accessory, the unimaginatively named BH-121, will play your tunes when you pair it to your phone through Bluetooth or NFC.

Resembling a Nokia version of a screenless iPod Nano, this stereo bluetooth device evokes the Nokia Lumia smartphone line in cheery cyan, red, yellow, and black hues.

Although it won't store your music for you, the BH-121 does include WH-208 earbuds for listening, and exterior controls to manage incoming calls, volume, and music playback. You can swap in your own 3.5mm headphones as well. An indicator LED alerts you to low battery levels.

The compact tile measures 39x39x12 millimeters and can clip to your clothes. It'll cost 39 euros (about $54) and goes on sale this month.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't quite see what the utility is of having a Bluetooth music player that streams your music. Since you'll still have to be within range to get your songs playing on the device, it seems to me just as convenient to plug your headset directly into whichever phone you're using and play from there.