Nokia 6600 Fold review: Nokia 6600 Fold

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The Good Sleek design. Metal construction. One-touch flip open. 512MB included memory.

The Bad Poor call quality. Secondary display not visible in sunlight. No external volume controls. 2-megapixel camera is woeful.

The Bottom Line It's been a long time since we last saw a Nokia that failed to do the basics well, but the 6600 Fold fits this description. It looks great but, with poor call quality, the Fold is a dismal under-achiever.

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5.2 Overall

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When this reviewer was a young boy he owned a pop-up watch, a plastic wrist watch with a spring-loaded screen that was released by pressing a button on the side. His favourite time of day was the when someone asked him for the time, giving him an opportunity to show off his cool low-tech gadget. So as a disclaimer, this reviewer has a strong bias towards any product that snaps open at the press of a button, like switchblades and Nokia's 6600 Fold.

There's no denying that Nokia's 6600 Fold is eye-catching. Its glossy metal surface and two-tone colouring are bound to stand out on the wall of a mobile phone store amongst the masses of cloned black-plastic handsets. Our review unit featured Nokia's "sophisticated purple" colour scheme, the front of the phone appearing like petrol floating on water with a dark, almost-black purple running through from rose to silver. The plastic elements of the handset, the battery cover and the areas surrounding the screen and the keypad, are coloured in a rich, chocolate-like mauve.

Unlike many flip phones, the Fold is spring loaded and held in place by magnets. On the left side is a 'one-touch' opening key that disengages the magnets and flings the top half of the phone upwards. As ridiculous as this sounds there is something genuinely satisfying about answering a call this way.

The internal QVGA OLED display is excellent, with strong contrast and sharp rendering of the menus. On the outside, concealed under the top half of the flip Nokia have included a secondary display for showing the time and a few key notices such as unread messages. This screen remains unseen until you double-tap on the lid to activate it. It is a very classy touch but we have noticed it is completely invisible when viewed under sunlight.

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