Quick Take: Armed with basic features and a minimalist design, the Nokia 6010 is for T-Mobile customers who want nothing more out of their cell phone than the ability to make calls and to send and receive text messages. Cast in the typical Nokia candy bar style, the handset sports a silver finish and a 4,096-color screen. And though it's an upgrade of the Nokia 3595 in terms of features, the 6010 fortunately abandons its predecessor's oddly styled keypad in favor of a more standard layout. In addition to the 600-name phone book, there's a calendar, a to-do list, an alarm clock, text and multimedia messaging, AOL instant messaging, voice dialing, and a WAP 2.0 wireless Web browser. The 6010 is only a dual-band (GSM 850/1900) model, but it also supports GPRS data speeds. As for personalization options, you can choose from a variety of wallpaper, color schemes, and polyphonic ring tones, with more available for download, or you can select an Xpress-on changeable cover (sold separately for $19.95 each). At $99, the handset is fairly priced, but you should be able to find it free with a new service contract.