Nokia 5200 review: Nokia 5200

The Good Funky design; easy to use; good music features.

The Bad Rubbish headphones; woeful camera.

The Bottom Line There's no denying that the Nokia 5200 has a number of plus points including a funky design, good battery life and easy-to-use menu system. It's just a shame it's let down by iffy headphones and camera

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6.5 Overall

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With its bright, brash colour scheme, funky slider design and music playing features, the Nokia 5200 looks like it can put some fun back into the world of mobile phones.

It costs around £90 SIM Free from Nokia or around £70 on pay as you go on various networks, making it one of the cheaper music phones around at the moment.

Nokia describes this phone's styling as 'street smart', which is just another way of saying that it's aimed at young 'uns rather than fuddy duddies. The phone's chunky, bulbous feel and loud colours certainly give it a cheeky look that's rather endearing, but undoubtedly won't be to everyone's taste. We had the blue and white version, but it's also available in red and white or all black if you prefer.

The handset's case may look rather plasticy, but thankfully the slider mechanism feels smooth and opens with a satisfying clunk. Once it's fully extended it reveals a decent sized keypad that's a pleasure to use for texting. In fact, thanks to the friendly menus, pretty much all the phone's features are very easy to get to grips with.

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