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Nokia 2310 review: Nokia 2310

The Good Good call quality; impressive battery life.

The Bad No camera; poor screen; FM tuner is mono only.

The Bottom Line The Nokia 2310 may be a bargain at just £25, but its screen is too small and range of features too thin on the ground to make it a sensible budget buy

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4.5 Overall

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Confused by all the extras offered on the latest mobile phones? Then the Nokia 2310 might appeal.

It's a bare bones handset that offers little in the way of frills and is available for the budget price of around £25 as a pay as you go phone.

The 2310 is part of a wave of phones that aim to strip out what many see as the unnecessary features that have attached themselves to mobiles over the years. In the case of the 2310, what you're left with is a mobile that's got call and text features, with little else to get in the way.

The handset has a pretty standard candybar design, which will help it appeal to traditionalists, and the large buttons are ideal for texting.

The phone's reception is also very good, even in areas where other handsets struggle, and the call quality was up to Nokia's usual high standards. Even the speakerphone is very useable. Battery life is better than the norm, so you can expect to get around five hours of talk time or up to 400 hours when it's on standby.

Perhaps the only added frill is the built-in FM tuner, which can be used once you connect the supplied headphones to the mini jack at the bottom of the phone. The tuner's reception is strong and you can save your favourite stations as presets complete with names to make them easily identifiable.

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