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Nokia 1200 review: Nokia 1200

The Good Easy to use; good battery life; good call quality.

The Bad Small screen; no FM radio.

The Bottom Line The Nokia 1200 is an exceptionally basic handset, but it's also very easy to use, has good call quality and very impressive battery life

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5.5 Overall

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If the Nokia 1200 was a politician it would be banging on about taking a 'back to basics' approach. That's because this handset chucks away all the fancy features you've come to expect on a modern mobile, leaving you with a pared-down feature set that's easy for tech novices to get their heads around.

The phone is available for around £30 SIM-free online.

This handset is really aimed at technophobes who don't want any bells and whistles on their phone, but instead are after a mobile that makes it as easy as possible to send text messages or make calls.

As you would expect, there's nothing particularly striking about the 1200's design -- it's simply built to be practical. For example, Nokia has opted for a type of all-in-one keypad mat, rather than individual keys, to stop dirt and dust from building up under the keys. But despite its rather utilitarian nature, we've got to say that its lightweight construction and small size makes the phone feel as comfy as an old pair of slippers.

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