NIRO TWO6.1 review: NIRO TWO6.1

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The Good Two-speaker-and-sub surround system; 6.1-channel A/V receiver; Dolby EX/DTS ES surround processing; compact 150-watt powered subwoofer; 30-day home trial.

The Bad Expensive; lacks component-video switching and SACD/DVD-Audio inputs.

The Bottom Line If you like surround sound but don't want to be enclosed by wires and speakers, check out this system.

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7.7 Overall
  • Design 9
  • Features 7
  • Performance 7

Review summary

The Niro Two6.1 is a very different home-theater system. How different is it? For starters, this 6.1-channel system uses just two curvy speakers and a compact sub. Created by Niro Nakamichi and his engineering team in Japan--some of you may recall Mr. Nakamichi's first company, famous for its high-end cassette decks--the Two6.1 aims to eliminate the complex wiring and speaker placement inherent in conventional 6- or 7-speaker surround systems. Like we said, it's really different--the $1,999 kit's sound is unlike that of any kit we've ever tested.

The curved-front Super Speakers are larger than most kit speakers, measuring 6.9 inches high, 23 wide, and 8.4 deep, while weighing 13.2 pounds each. The beautifully finished one-foot-cubed sub is solidly built and weighs 27.3 pounds.

Unadorned except for a display, four tiny buttons, and a silky-feeling volume-control knob, the separate receiver's front panel looks distinctively minimalist. The Two6.1 avoids most of the hassles of multichannel audio setup by nixing four of the six satellite speakers and their cables. Even with just two speaker cables, Niro didn't leave much to chance; the round, jacketed cable is for the front speaker, and a flat cable is for the rear. The flat shape makes it easier to run the cable under carpeting and rugs or to tack to the walls.

This system isn't too fussy about speaker placement, but you should make sure that the front and rear speakers are centered relative to the main listening position. You can stick the front speaker on top or below the TV, and the rear speaker can be mounted near the ceiling, placed on a table, or even stashed on the floor behind your couch, aimed up to the ceiling. Standard grilles are medium gray, but Niro also offers nine other colors for $49 per set.

An infrared sensor for the remote lives inside the center speaker, so you can place the Niro receiver wherever it's convenient--or even behind closed cabinet doors. The programmable remote offers on-the-fly control over the center, rear, and subwoofer levels.

The system's Niroson Cinema technology combines a patented loudspeaker design with proprietary signal processing that works in tandem with Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES.

Both curved-baffle Super Speakers contain three distinct speaker systems, each one fitted with a 3.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter. In conventional surround terms, the left, center, and right speakers (L+C+R) fit within the front Super Speaker, while the surround-left, back-surround, and surround-right (SR, BS, and SL) speakers fit within the rear one. The receiver delivers 30 watts per channel to the six channels.

The 150-watt sub, designed to work exclusively with the Two6.1 system, has a single RCA input. Its front-firing 8-inch woofer is augmented with a pair of side-mounted 8-inch passive drivers, and the cabinet sits on four adjustable brass spikes.

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