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NEC N908 (Unlocked) review: NEC N908 (Unlocked)

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The Good The NEC N908 is a credit card-size phone that's stylish and elegant. It has a beautiful 2.2-inch touch screen interface, and its features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, a camcorder, and an MP3 player. It has great audio quality and call performance as well.

The Bad The NEC N908's touch screen interface can take acclimation. You have to remove the battery to access the microSD card slot.

The Bottom Line The NEC N908 is a beautiful design-centric phone with a luscious touch screen interface. Dialing and texting were a bit difficult due to the lack of a keypad, so it's not a phone for everyone. But those who love compact and uniquely beautiful handsets will not be disappointed.

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7.7 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 7
  • Performance 8

At first glance it's easy to mistake the NEC N908 for a slim digital camera or maybe even an MP3 player. It lacks one of the major features on a cell phone--that being a keypad--so you're left wondering just how it makes calls. Yet look a bit closer and you'll discover the device really is a phone, albeit one with a unique touch screen interface. The lack of a keypad means that the N908 is able to pack a large 2.2-inch display into a body the size of a credit card but it also means that like the new Apple iPhone, the N908 may not be for everybody. While the sheer elegance of the device combined with an intuitive menu system makes it a great choice for techies who want a cell phone that is not like any other, dialing and texting may an issue for more novice cell phones users. Fortunately, it's not only a pretty face either, as the feature set was admirable and the performance was satisfactory. The N908 is not available with a carrier in the U.S. but you can get it an unlocked version from for $329.

One of the most outstanding design elements of the NEC N908 is its slim and compact design. At 3.28x2.09x0.5 inches, the N908 is smaller than most credit cards and slimmer than most wallets, which is around the same size as the Samsung SGH-P300. It fits so comfortably in a pants pocket, you might not even realize it's there, which can be tricky as it's difficult to feel the phone when it vibrates. At 2.96 ounces, it's actually a bit heavy for its size but this is good since it gives it a nice heft in the hand. Outfitted in a cool gun metal, the overall body of the phone has tiny unnoticeable grooves so you can grip it more securely. Holding it next to the ear is fairly comfortable but you probably won't want to hold it there too long since you can't cradle the phone between the ear and the shoulder.

The NEC N908 is a compact phone.

As we mentioned, the 2.2-inch QVGA display is simply stunning. Decked out in 262,000 colors, images look great on the screen and the text is easy to read. You can adjust the screen's backlight time, color theme, and brightness. You can't adjust the font size but we found the default font size large enough. There are five shortcut icons on the bottom row of the main display that lead to the main menu, the contacts list, text messaging, the Web browser, and My Menu, which is a list of often-used applications. The menu interface is really intuitive and easy to navigate, thanks to the bright animated icons and the arrangement of the menu options. On the left spine are the dedicated camera button, the volume rocker, and a power button, while the charger jack and the keylock button are on the right. The N908 comes with an earphone adapter that fits neatly into the charger jack so you can use your favorite earbuds instead of the ones provided. The camera lens is on the back and there's a stylus sleeve on the top-right corner of the phone. There is a microSD card slot, but unfortunately you have to remove the battery to insert it.

The NEC N908 has a 1.3-megapixel camera.

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