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NEC Accusync LCD7V review: NEC Accusync LCD7V

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MSRP: $439.99

The Good Inexpensive; clean, simple design.

The Bad Lackluster image quality; display sits very low on the desk; limited adjustability options.

The Bottom Line Although the AccuSync LCD7V is inexpensive for a 17-inch LCD, home and office users may be better served by spending a bit more or going with a higher-quality 15-inch display.

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6.1 Overall

intro NEC AccuSync LCD7V

NEC's AccuSync LCD7V looks like a smaller version of its 19-inch sibling, the AccuSync LCD9V, but the resemblance starts and ends with the slim 3/4-inch bezel and the row of unobtrusive, rectangular buttons that control the intuitive onscreen menu. Whereas the LCD9V has a well-designed pedestal and base that accommodate a range of height and angle adjustments, the LCD7V is basically a no-necked monster. It sits almost directly on top of a solid, wobble-free base but can be tilted only forward or backward a few degrees. Want to raise this display higher than your desktop's surface? Get out the phone books. Want to gather the family around to look at digital photos? Cluster in close, because the display doesn't swivel from side to side, and the horizontal viewing angle is only 140 degrees (170 degrees is considered good). Fortunately, the LCD7V is compatible with optional &siteid=7&edid=&lop=txt&destcat=co&destUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Evesa%2Eorg%2Ffdmipr%2Ehtm" target="_blank">VESA wall and swing arm mounts.

The saving grace of the LCD7V's puny neck is that the analog signal cable (included; no digital input here) and AC adapter plug straight into the back panel and snake along the desktop; there's no unsightly dangling, as there is with the LCD9V. Unfortunately, the LCD7V also breaks form in terms of image quality. Whereas the LCD9V is quite easy on the eyes, the LCD7V's picture is decidedly lacking. Marred by an unacceptable amount of pixel fusion, text is hard to read below a nine-point size, particularly in Times New Roman and other serif fonts. Colors are somewhat dull overall, and contrast fizzles out toward the extreme ends of the grayscale spectrum. While all these flaws are common in LCDs, they are worse than usual in the LCD7V. The NEC AccuSync LCD7V is backed by a standard three-year parts-and-labor warranty.

You won't find many other 17-inch LCDs at such a low price, but in this case, it's worth either shelling out for a bigger and better display, such as the NEC AccuSync LCD9V, or scaling down to a smaller and better display, such as the Samsung SyncMaster 151S.

Brightness in nits  (Longer bars indicate better performance)
Samsung SyncMaster 172N
Sharp LL-T17D3
CTX S730
Samsung SyncMaster 172MP
NEC AccuSync LCD7V
Formac Gallery 1740
Note: Measured with the Sencore CP500

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