NEC AccuSync LCD193WXM - LCD monitor - 19 review: NEC AccuSync LCD193WXM - LCD monitor - 19

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MSRP: $234.99

The Good Decent performance for the price.

The Bad Lacks HDCP compliance; inaccurately claims to support NEC's Windows-based onscreen display software.

The Bottom Line We're not overly impressed with NEC's LCD193WXM monitor. The 19-inch wide-screen LCD has strong enough image quality for the price, but NEC seems to equate utilitarianism with missing features. We wouldn't expect a $200 19-inch screen to bowl anyone over, but competing displays seem to try harder.

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6.4 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 5
  • Performance 7
  • Support 8

NEC's 19-inch Accusync LCD193WXM is a capable, workaday LCD. We tend to keep our expectations reasonable for displays in the $200 category, but the LC193WXM shined on our tests. Unlike this model, similar displays from Dell, HP, and Samsung offer HDCP-compliance for watching protected HD content. NEC's claims about this model's support for its PC-based onscreen display software were also frustratingly inaccurate. Still, its image quality is high enough, and its price is low enough, that we're willing to recommend it, specifically if you intend to use it in a low-light environment.

The Accusync LCD193WXM comes in a typical utilitarian housing. Its matte-black trim won't brighten the room, but it's also inoffensive enough for any setting, whether at home or in a place of business. NEC offers few options to adjust the screen's position; you can tilt it up and down, but that's about it.

The monitor's onscreen display controls are similarly basic. In addition to the power button, a select button and two arrow keys let you toggle through the various menu options. A fifth button with a more specialized purpose gives you the ability to switch between two different video inputs. That, of course, requires you to have two sources connected to the display, one to the DVI-in, and another to the VGA-in. A snap-on wire-wrangle on the back ensures that you don't suffer from tangled cables.

Manufacturer's specs
Resolution: 1,440 x 900
Dot pitch: .28mm
Pixel-response rate: 5ms
Contrast ratio: 1,000:1
Viewing angle: 176 degrees horizontal, 176 degrees vertical
Connectivity: Analog, digital, USB, audio
Included VGA, DVI, and audio cables

Similar to most other displays on the market, the NEC Accusync LCD193WXM has two built-in speakers that work well enough, at least for an LCD. What we like better is that the monitor also features a built-in headphone jack, right on the front panel. Sadly, there's no hard volume control; instead you have to go through the onscreen display.

Speaking of the OSD, we were disappointed to find that despite both the literature in the box and the claims on NEC's Web site (on the monitor's specs page), this model does not support NEC's Naviset software. NEC went so far as to set up a phone meeting with us touting the Naviset functionality that lets you control the display settings in Windows with a mouse and keyboard. Imagine our surprise when we went to test it and found out that it didn't work. A few calls to NEC later and we found out that this model doesn't actually support Naviset, although other NEC displays do (at least, as far as we're told). What's ironic is that if NEC hadn't claimed that Naviset would work, we wouldn't care. We presume it's a nice feature, but it's not something we'd miss if we hadn't expected it.

We were more let down to find that the LCD193WXM l lacks HDCP compliance, although that is also not a deal-killing oversight. We hoped for it simply because other 19-inch wide-screen displays from Dell, HP, and Samsung all offer HDCP compatibility for playing protected HD content. We're not convinced that many of you in the market for a 19-inch LCD, whose 1,440 x 900 resolution limits you to 720p output, would consider such a small monitor with HD movies in mind. Still, we can't help but notice that the competition offers HDCP compliance in displays that cost even less than this one, so it seems that NEC could try a little harder to keep up with the rest of the market.

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