The palm-sized Aurora Rhythm module is pretty subtle next to Nanoleaf's larger LED panels.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Nanoleaf teased the release of its sound module back in January – a plug-in gizmo that would transform the lighting startup's Aurora LED panels into fun, easy-to-program music visualizers.

Today, Nanoleaf has finally made good on its promise with the new Aurora Rhythm. The Aurora Rhythm module is a small plug-in device that can connect to any Nanoleaf LED panel. Complete with an integrated sound sensor, the Rhythm is supposed to be able to detect "beats, sounds and melodies" and display them visually through Nanoleaf's color-changing LED panels.

Available in stores in the US starting on September 25 and in Europe via Amazon and the Apple Store starting on October 1, the Aurora Rhythm will be sold two ways.

Folks just discovering the color-changing Aurora panels can buy the Aurora Smarter Rhythm Kit for $230 (roughly £180 and AU$290 converted). It's essentially an Aurora Starter Kit bundled with an Aurora Rhythm module. Existing Aurora customers interested in this feature can buy a standalone Aurora Rhythm for $50/£40/AU$60.

The original $200/£155/AU$250 Aurora Starter Kit will continue to be sold, too, as well as LED panel expansion packs for 60 bucks each (£45/AU$75).

Beyond viewing and making changes to Rhythm settings in Nanoleaf's Android or iPhone app, this discreet module is also compatible with Siri, Alexa and the Google Assistant. A button on the Aurora Rhythm also allows for manual adjustments. IFTTT integration as well as a software developer kit (SDK) are also available for more advanced automations.

As soon as we get our hands on an Aurora Rhythm, we'll be testing it out with our existing Nanoleaf wall panels at CNET's Smart Apartment. Stay tuned.

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