Motorola Bluetooth Headset H710 review: Motorola Bluetooth Headset H710

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The Good Attractive and small headset. Mulitpoint dual-pairing feature. Cool flip-out boom microphone.

The Bad Achieving pairing mode is harder than it should be. Would not be discovered by Sony Ericsson phones. Performed dismally with Nokia handsets.

The Bottom Line We found pairing the H710 irksome and using the headset patchy to say the least. It's a shame such a sexy hands-free device should be let down by such lousy performance.

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5.2 Overall

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The H710 is one of the best looking hands-free headsets we've seen recently. In previous reviews we've suggested that the most attractive hands-free headset is the one you can't see, and the H710's miniature dimensions makes this almost the case here. However, with the H710 sitting on our desks it's been hard to look away from what is a very interesting looking device.

Made from a combination of black and silver plastics, the H710 is as lightweight as it's easy on the eye. The headset uses a hinged ear hook, similar to many similar products, but the flip-phone styled microphone is definitely a unique and interesting inclusion. Flipping the boom open activates the headset and reconnects it to your phone for use. Closing the mic not only makes the headset smaller and more streamlined for transporting, but powers down the H710, prolonging the standby battery life.

In total the H710 makes use of only three buttons, a volume key on each side of the headset, and a large button on top. Under the larger button the H710 has a multicoloured LED backlight to communicate the differing states of use; blue for Bluetooth connections, green to tell you the battery is fully charged, red to warn that the battery is about to run out and pink to tell you the H710 is happy.

Charging the H710 is via an unconventionally shaped USB port so you'll have to be sure not to lose the Motorola charger that comes bundled with the headset.

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