Monster iSlimCharger for iPod Shuffle review: Monster iSlimCharger for iPod Shuffle

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MSRP: $19.95

The Good Ultraportable, cableless charger for iPod Shuffle; syncs clip-on Shuffle model with any PC or Mac; charges from nearly any USB source.

The Bad You need to supply the power source; the product should be even cheaper.

The Bottom Line The Monster iSlimCharger is an ideal travel accessory for the iPod Shuffle.

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7.5 Overall

Music players don't get much more simple and straightforward than the iPod Shuffle. The entry-level Apple player wins points for its ultratiny size and jogging-friendly clip-on design. But even if you can live without a screen, the Shuffle's included charger is something of a drawback. While it'd be a stretch to call the adapter "large" or "bulky," it's annoying to tote the charging pad (and its attached 36-inch USB cable) whenever you take the Shuffle on a trip--doubly so when you remember that the original Shuffle's built-in USB plug made that model a truly plug-and-play affair. For anybody who wants to leave the Shuffle charger at home, there's at least one worthwhile alternative: the Monster iSlimCharger for iPod Shuffle.

The iSlimCharger (left) is far more compact than the wired charger that ships with the iPod Shuffle (right).

The iSlimCharger is pretty much a miniaturized version of the default Apple charger that's included with the Shuffle. The cable is dropped completely, leaving you with a small USB dongle that's no larger than the Shuffle itself--just 1.83 inches by 1 inch by 0.25 inch. Plug the iSlimCharger into the Shuffle's headphone jack (which doubles as its charging port), and then slip the combined unit into any standard USB jack, and you're done. The iSlimCharger even has a tiny wedge that slips behind the Shuffle's clip, providing a nice, stable fit.

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