As its name suggests, the Mobile Edge SecurePack is a backpack that's been designed with one goal in mind: keeping your stuff secure. The primary design concept is to move all of the pockets to the bag's interior, preventing thieves from grabbing your music player, cell phone, or the like without you knowing it. Its camouflage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle look should also help keep the baddies away.

The bag's storage area is accessible only via a zipper on the back pad, making it virtually impossible to open without taking the whole pack off your back. Once you do get the SecurePack open, you'll find a host of standard pockets, including a padded laptop compartment, various gadget-size pockets, and pen holders. The main storage compartment of the pack holds its best feature: two zippered cable bags that Velcro to the SecurePack's interior. Though the Mobile Edge bag makes significant strides in antitheft design, it's still a bit too high on the anticonvenience scale, as well. There's simply no way to grab something out of it without removing the entire bag; we were particularly annoyed when trying to quickly grab a pen or a notepad out of it.