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Mitsubishi WD25 series (2004 DLP)

The Mitsubishi WD25 series (2004 DLP) comes in two sizes (52-inch and 62-inch). They all include Texas Instruments' HD2+ DLP chip, which has a native resolution of 1,280x720, allowing these sets to display the full resolution of 720p material. All models have extensive connectivity options, including an HDMI port, three component-video inputs, three FireWire ports, two A/V inputs, and a VGA input.

More-specific information about the WD series can be found in our full review of the WD-52525. Other models should offer nearly identical video quality, and their main differences are described below.

  • WD-62525: This model is virtually identical to the WD-52525 except that it has a larger 62-inch screen.

  • WD-52725 and WD-62725: Aside from external aesthetics, the only feature that's different between the 525 models and the 725 models is the antiglare screen included with 725 models. During our tests with the WD-52525, we did notice glare from its protective screen, which we were able to remove. This does have the drawback of leaving screen the unprotected.

  • WD-52825 and WD-62825: The Diamond Series 825 models include a built-in 120GB DVR that can record approximately 12 hours of high-def material (or about 120 hours of standard-def) from the set's internal tuner CableCard and over-the-air digital tuners. They also offer the TV Guide On-Screen EPG. Although we have not tested these specific models, we have found that TV Guide's EPG has difficulty working with some digital cable systems. It also does not work with satellite signals. According to Mitsubishi, the 825 models include an even better antiglare screen than the 725 models. They also have different styling.