Microsoft Surface Hub is a huge Windows 10 shared screen

The 84-inch 4K touchscreen display boasts a full set of productivity-geared features.

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At a Seattle event chock-full of new cutting-edge products, Microsoft debuted the Surface Hub, a futuristic 84-inch 4K TV-tablet-computer hybrid built for the workplace. This upcoming Windows 10 device features built-in cameras, speakers, microphones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC.

The device was surreptitiously unveiled, turning out to have been mounted on a wall of the presentation stage the entire time. The is geared toward office and business use, similar to the Microsoft PixelSense tablet-top computer released in 2012 (which was itself a rebranding of the original tabletop Microsoft product that was once called Surface). It incorporates the features of many different kinds of device.

Microsoft's Surface Hub is a hybrid of epic proportions (pictures)

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More than just a centralized hub for video conferencing and presentations, the giant touchscreen TV uses OneNote -- an existing Microsoft productivity program that works as a digital whiteboard, both viewable and sharable online, in order to make live collaborations easy. Both finger and pen input will be recognized.

While the demo unit used on stage had an 84-inch display, Microsoft says a 55-inch version will also be available.

Both versions will detect user input through dual cameras and microphones, and what the company describes as other "advanced sensors."

Details on pricing and availability have yet to be announced. Check back with CNET for future updates and check out our full coverage of today's Windows 10 news.

Live from Microsoft's Windows 10 event (pictures)

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