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McAfee AntiSpyware review: McAfee AntiSpyware

McAfee AntiSpyware

Bruce Stewart
2 min read
McAfee AntiSpyware is a solid entry in the spyware-removal category. Current users of McAfee Security products will appreciate its familiar interface design and integration with other McAfee apps. You can purchase McAfee AntiSpyware from McAfee Security online for $29.95 (after a $10 rebate). A boxed version is not currently available. You'll also get a copy of AntiSpyware included with McAfee's Internet Security 2004 suite.
Like most antispyware programs, McAfee AntiSpyware removes adware, key loggers, remote-control Trojan horse programs, and automated browser hijackers. McAfee AntiSpyware also includes an advanced Auto Protect feature that works in the background and automatically scans every program for spyware as it starts up on your system, removing the need to run periodic manual system scans.
After you download the install file, McAfee AntiSpyware installs smoothly. Like Ad-aware 6.0, the program launches with a friendly summary screen showing spyware statistics, the latest action you have taken, and options to scan your system, restore programs, and change the program's settings. When you use AntiSpyware to remove spyware programs, you have the option of using the program's own uninstaller if it came with one, or of having AntiSpyware remove the offending program and all its associated files.
In our informal tests, AntiSpyware performed fast system scans and found a large percentage (but not all) of the spyware and adware components hiding out on our informal test system.
McAfee AntiSpyware's integrated program help does the trick, but it's not extensive. Unfortunately, there's not much technical support information about this program available on McAfee's support Web site, but the company does provide free e-mail and online chat-based technical support for any problems you may have.
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McAfee AntiSpyware's main program screen