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Mavizen MyBlu review: Mavizen MyBlu


The Mavizen MyBlu defies simple categorization. At first glance, it looks very similar to the iPod Radio Remote, and it is in fact both a remote control and a FM tuner for the iPod. However, it is much more than that--thanks to a built-in mic and Bluetooth connectivity, it can make and receive phone calls via a Bluetooth connection to your cell phone, effectively turning your iPod into a cell phone accessory and vice versa. The MyBlu lets you use the iPod display to view caller ID, a list of recent calls, and FM tuner information, plus it will pause your music when there's an incoming call. If you're too poor or impatient to afford the much-hyped Apple iPhone, the Mavizen MyBlu may prove to be the simplest and cheapest way for you to add cell phone functionality to your iPod. The Mavizen MyBlu is currently available for $89.99 from MSGDigital.com.


Mavizen MyBlu

The Good

The Mavizen MyBlu is an iPod accessory that can also be used as a Bluetooth headset when it is paired with a Bluetooth-enabled phone. It also acts as an iPod remote control and adds FM radio functionality to the iPod as well. You can use the iPod display to view caller ID, scroll through recent calls, and tune in to your desired FM station.

The Bad

The Mavizen MyBlu can't always make calls successfully due to a quirky number dialing system.

The Bottom Line

The Mavizen MyBlu is a great multitasking accessory that can act as an iPod remote control and an FM radio receiver, plus a Bluetooth headset for your cell phone.

The Mavizen MyBlu consists of two components--the main clip-on remote control unit, and a 24-inch white cord that attaches to all iPods with a universal dock, which only includes the iPod Nano and the 5G iPod at the moment. The clip-on remote looks very reminiscent of the iPod--all white, clean lines, and a simple rectangular design. The device is tiny--only measuring 1.5x1.0x0.5 inches and weighing less than an ounce. The controls consist of the play/pause, volume, and track-shuttle keys arranged in a circle. The play/pause button can be used to accept and end calls while the track-shuttle keys can be used to reject calls. The track-shuttle keys can also be used to scan through the radio tuner or scroll through preset stations. Underneath that is a Bluetooth button, which is used for other cell phone-related functions like Bluetooth pairing, voice dialing, and last-number redial. On the left spine are a hold switch and an MP3-FM button that will toggle between the radio and the iPod. The 3.5mm earphone jack is on the top.

Similar to the iPod Radio Remote, the MyBlu uses the iPod's screen for radio function navigation, but it only shows the station frequency and not the station's name and tagline like the Radio Remote. But the cool part with the MyBlu is that you also handle all the cell phone functions through the display as well. For example, you can use the screen to view caller ID plus access to up to nine recent calls for easy redialing. The MyBlu comes with a 24-inch white cord that attaches to any iPod with a universal dock, which only includes the iPod Nano or the 5G iPod. However, we found that we weren't able to redial numbers successfully due to a quirky number dialing system--instead of entering in numbers the traditional 9-number way, the MyBlu insists on adding two zeros before the number, thus screwing up the call.

We tested the Mavizen MyBlu with the iPod Nano and paired it with a T-Mobile Sidekick 3. We were able to answer and receive calls without a problem, and call quality was amazingly good. Callers couldn't even tell we were using a Bluetooth device during the call, and we heard our callers just fine. The radio function worked really well too--we were able to pick up all the local San Francisco stations clearly, which is no small feat in a hilly city like this. Do note that the Mavizen MyBlu does not come with a pair of earbuds, so you'll have to supply your own (which, if you have an iPod already, shouldn't be a problem). Also the MyBlu comes with a USB adapter for easy firmware updates. The MyBlu does not have its own battery, and bear in mind that it uses up the battery life of your iPod.